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Merica 9 in Twin build

Really needing to clear off the bench, I needed to build the twin to my First 9 in Merica frame by Neil Whitely over at Catalyst Machine Works,,

Utilizing the Brain Raddix 2 for a flight controller. Plenty of UARTS and is also usb-c. Also if needed there's another plug and play for those wishing to use 8 motors.

Barely pictured here is the mighty Hobbywing 4 in 1 ESC. Ive been going overboard lately with the TBS Dual diversity nano as all of my main rigs rx.I also custom Printed some motor wire holders incorporating Immortal T Holders.

BrotherHobby 2812-115kv motors with HQPROP 9in props gives a very smooth ride and up to 14 mins 26 sec when handling the throttle right! Between 45 and 60 percent...

Hope Ya'll enjoy this! I try to keep it as short and sweet as possible!

Oh yeah, she has GPS as well! Matek.

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